General Rules & Guidelines For All Ages


No jewelry is allowed to be worn by the players during the game except for medical or religious purposes – in this case they must be taped to the body. Earrings of all types, necklaces, and bracelets (including Live Well type bands) cannot be worn during games. Band-Aids/tape cannot be placed over newly pierced ears during games. All players must wear age appropriate shin guards worn under the socks. In case of a jersey conflict (color), the home team will wear alternate color jerseys with numbers – colored pinnies can be worn over the numbered game jersey.

The home team is responsible for supplying an adequate game ball for use during the game. If the home team does not have an adequate game ball, a ball from the visiting team can be used. The home team must change jerseys or wear pinnies in the event of a color conflict. Coaches must have ID cards. If there is no coach with an ID card, the game will be forfeited.

We ask that every team have 2 adults with ID cards. ON GAME DAY, EVERY TEAM MUST HAVE A COACH PRESENT WITH THEIR ID CARD IN ORDER TO PLAY THEIR GAME. Anyone coaching must show their ID card to the referee prior to the start of the game. The card must be worn on a lanyard to be seen by the referee throughout the game. If no adult is available with an ID card, the team is given 15 minutes to find someone to coach for them (with an ID card and on their team roster). Replacements cards are available for $10, please contact your commissioner .


  • Spectators and coaches must stay on the sidelines and off of the field during games until the referee permits them to enter.
  • Every player must play a minimum of 50% of each game (unless the player chooses not to play or is under disciplinary restrictions as provided for in the WSA Rules of the Game).
  • U4 coaches may enter the field during play but must remain out of all plays and may never enter the goal box area.
  • U6 coaches must remain in the coach’s box, coaches are not permitted on the field during play.
  • Coach is responsible for the behavior of his/her spectators and team, therefore if an unruly behavior is not immediately taken care of, the coach is subject to ejectment from the game.
  • Coaches will take necessary measures to keep from running up a lead of more than 6 goals (i.e. moving strong players to defense, play with more defenders, etc.)
  • Coaches should set an example for spectators and players by showing respect to the referee. Problems should be addressed with the field director at a quarter or halftime breaks. Do not confront or abuse the referee.
  • If your team must forfeit a game, the coach is responsible for calling the home association of the opposing team ASAP to let them know.

WSA has a zero tolerance for any misconduct towards the referee at any time. Things such as yelling, cursing, calling names and intimidation will not be tolerated. If during the game a coach, player or spectator becomes out of control, the referee will speak with the team’s coach about the issue. If the problem is not immediately corrected the referee has the authority to eject anyone from any game at any time. They will have to leave the area. If as a coach you have been ejected from a game and you do not have an assistant coach with an ID card – the game will be stopped. There will not be a make-up game scheduled. Please note that if the referee chooses, he can eject the coach from the offending team if a player or parent is misbehaving.

All players MUST wear shinguards during every practice. WSA recommends that you have the following equipment to help with practices:

  • 18 small cones (3 x 7)
  • 2 large cones (4 x 10, different color from small cones)
  • 4 practice vests (pinnies)
  • 1 practice ball
  • 1 mesh equipment bag
  • 1 air pump

Area practice fields are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please share with other teams. Please use appropriate space for your age group and a number of attendees.It is your choice as to your team’s location and time. Most teams practice at the local parks and schools. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU STOP FOR FREQUENT WATER BREAKS DURING EXTREME TEMPERATURES.
Teams must practice on PUBLIC PROPERTY.

The WSA will coordinate all U4 and U6 uniforms, this cost is included in your registration fee. Teams will be assigned colors on a first come, first serve basis.
All teams U8 and older will be responsible for their own uniforms. They can be any color/brand. No logos which promote a product/substance/service which is unsuitable for a child under the age of 18 will be allowed. No club uniforms of any kind will be allowed.

The WSA will schedule a photographer to take team/individual pictures for one day during the season. We strongly recommend that you use this photographer, however, you may choose your own photographer if you wish.


  • Coaches should check our website frequently for updates.
  • Coaches are responsible for notifying teams of any schedule changes.
  • Coaches are responsible for contacting all players prior to next season to inform them about registration and their intent to return as coach. If the coach is returning, or another parent from the team is choosing to step up and coach, then players can choose to return to the same team. Parents must re-register their child every season to continue playing soccer.

A birth certificate is required for ALL players. If a copy of a players’ birth certificate has not been received by the 1st game, the player will be ineligible to play. Coaches: this is for your team’s protection. If the age of a player ever comes into question and we cannot prove the player’s age with a birth certificate that we have on file, the game in question and all previously played games are eligible for forfeiture.

All U4 thru U8 teams will receive a participation trophy at the end of the season. U10 and up will receive a trophy based on their ranking within the Best Southwest Association.

All protests must be filed in writing with the WSA A&D Vice President within seventy-two (72) hours after the incident. The protesting coach must clearly indicate that he/she is protesting, not merely making a complaint or suggestion to bring about a rule change. There are only two (2) acceptable causes for the protest of a game after the game has been played:
1) A team knowingly plays an unregistered, ineligible, or suspended player
2) There has been an error made in the application of the laws of the game that directly effects the outcome of the game, and the referee admits it.
Protests based on judgment calls made by the referee will not be entertained. Protests will not be allowed in divisions which score is not kept. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for hearing a protest and must be paid at the time the protest is filed. If the outcome is in favor of the protesting coach the fee will be refunded. Checks should be made out to Waxahachie Soccer Association. No protests will be filed without the fee and written protest being turned in within the seventy-two hour period.

Games will only be rescheduled for the following reasons:
1) Mistake made by WSA in scheduling (i.e. team not scheduled for enough season games or scheduled to play twice in one day)
2) WSA team playing in a NTSSA sanctioned soccer tournament (minimum 10 day notice must be given to WSA board).
3) Games being made up due to weather will be rescheduled as soon as possible.
Games WILL NOT be rescheduled due to cthe oach being unable to attend. ALL teams are required to have an assistant coach for this reason.

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