Players Information

Miscellaneous Information

We must have a copy of your players’ state-certified birth certificate and a headshot picture of themself. You will need to upload this to their GotSport player account before team formation to be placed onto a team. Click HERE for directions on uploading this information.

Each team’s coach will decide the time, date, and location of all practices. Coaches will have the opportunity to submit date and time preferences only at the Coaches’s Meeting.  Area practice fields are available on a first-come, first-served basis with priority to coaches who attend meetings.  Please use appropriate space for your age group and number of attendees. Each player MUST wear shinguards during all practices and games, this is a requirement of our insurance company and is for the safety of the player. ​Player’s need to bring a ball and water to each practice.​

Game Day Information

Field locations and layouts will be posted on our website prior to the start of each season. Please check this prior to your game. Your tardiness/ absence could cause your team to forfeit.

​AT NO TIME will spectators be allowed to be behind the goal lines of any on-going game.
Spectators should remain on their appropriate sideline for the duration of each game and are only permitted onto the field at the referee’s discretion. If you are listed as the “Home” team, you will be required to wear alternate jerseys/pinnies if there is a color conflict; if your team is unable to provide this they will forfeit. Each team has the responsibility for keeping trash picked up on their sideline.

PLEASE RESPECT THE REFEREES! If a match is abandoned by a referee because of a problem with a coach/spectator/player, the match will be counted as a forfeit for that team and a win for the opposing team no matter when the game was abandoned or what the score of the match was at the time.

Duncanville Soccer Association

Duncanville Soccer Association

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Call or Text: 469-559-8993